End-to-end correlation across Logic Apps

Excellent Article on co-relating multiple logic apps which I find very useful. I am re-blogging this blog written by toon vanhoutte.

toon vanhoutte

When using a generic and decoupled integration design, your integrations span often multiple Logic Apps.  For troubleshooting purposes, it’s important to be able to correlate these separate Logic Apps with each other.  Recently, a new feature has been introduced to improve this.

Existing correlation functionality

  • Let’s create a Logic App with a simple request trigger.


  • Invoke the Logic App.  In the run history details, you will notice a correlation id.


  • Now, update the Logic App to call another Logic App.


  • Invoke the parent Logic App.  In their run history details, you will notice that they both share the same id. This is because Logic Apps automatically adds the x-ms-client-tracking-id HTTP header, when calling the child Logic App.  If this header is present, that’s the value taken for the correlation id.


  • Your client application can also provide this HTTP header, so a custom correlation id is used.


  • This results in these…

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